Friday, November 16, 2007

IPCC prepares final synthesis report.

If you only follow the IPCC reports casually, you probably wonder "What? Again?" every time you hear about one which you have a lot this year.

To review: there are 3 working groups -- basic science, impacts and mitigation -- and they each release a Summary for Policy makers (SPM) and a full report. This blog started around the time the SPM was released for the science working group (Working Group I)

All those pieces need to be summarized and the SPM for the "Synthesis Report" is due out tomorrow. Expect to see lots of stories about diplomats and scientists negotiating the text (which they do only for the SPMs). This will complete the Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) of the IPCC.

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TonyGuitar said...

Debate is a diversion. Exxon,Chevron et all, love it.

Time for practical clean-up actions. News tip…

Canadian government refuses to grant domestic sales licenses to both Zenn [Quebec] and Dynasty [B.C.] EV manufacturers. The Zenn vehicle is an award winner in other countries.

CBC video news clip.. [Mansbridge]


Bio-fuels have some merit …

Canada has two stations serving more than one grade of bio fuel…[Whoop-de-do].

A UN approved campaign to retro-fit thousands of coal-gen plants with various clean technology would make vastly more improvement.

North America is 96% dependent on one single vehicle fuel .. OIL. [Brazil =75% Bio-fuel.] [Which is the banana republic now?]

A swing to battery, compressed air and clean coal-gen would really reduce pollution.

…would lower the value of oil.

…would lower tensions in the M.E.

…would reduce health hazard smog in cities.

…would lead to a kiosk road tax collection system

…would enrage Exxon, Chevron and GM, backers of both Dems and Reps; Libs and Conservatives, not to mention the wrath of Alberta and Texas.

…would lead to unemployment and tax losses during transition.

…would be the correct an honorable thing to do. = TG