Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NYTimes: Evangelical Christians and climate change

I've been curiously watching the recent entrance by some evangelical Christians in to the global warming issue. They want to do something to stop it because they recognize this as a "stewardship" issue and that global warming will hit the poor in Africa and Asia hardest. I say any ally is welcome in the struggle to start some serious mitigation of climate change.

This brief NYTimes article (reprinted at truthout) covers some infighting with other evangelical leaders who don't want a distraction from the "great moral issues of our times" which is not the climate or environment. They want the spokesman for this issue in the National Association of Evangelicals to please shut up already or resign. The Times was unable to get a quote from the spokesman, Richard Cizik, but the association's president has his back.

Update: This essay provides a sample of evangelical Christian thought in working for a solution to global warming.

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