Thursday, March 22, 2007

March 07: recent climate press

Alaska division of U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has to identify who's going to talk about polar bears on foreign trips (see NY Times story at truthout).

Brief overview of the 4 or 5 pending climate change bills from Chicago Tribune's Karoun Demirjian. Notable for a bold quote from do-nothing proponent Myron Ebell: "We think we have a very good opportunity to stymie everything so that nothing will emerge." Also mentions how some business are only in it for the money to made during a transition to a cap-and-trade.

Newsweek international points out some serious bugs in the current global emissions trading schemes.

Grist covers some of the pressure on the coal industry.

This Reuters story covers, without snarky comments, Al Gore's call for a successor to Kyoto. Notable for mentioning the 10 year figure: we have 10 years to prevent the really bad global changes from happening.

The NY Times has a short profile of Bill McKibben who is organizing the April 14th nationwide demonstration for action on global warming. Typical of the Times, reporter Felicity Barringer can't resist a shot at their favorite punching bag, Al Gore, referring to him as "the American Idol" of the "movement". Please grow up, Felicity.

Update: Daily Howler also noted Ms. Barringer's "Creeping Dowdism".

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