Monday, February 05, 2007

What did the IPCC release on Februrary 2nd?

If you go the IPCC home page, you'll see a nice graphic at the top which says "The first volume will be released" and "Paris, 2 February 07". This would seem to indicate that the report of Working Group 1, who cover the basic science of climate change, was released on 02/02/07.

But only the 21-page summary of the WG1 report, formally known as the Summary for Policymakers or SPM was released.

The actual report will be on the web some time in May and in book form in June. I challenge you to find that information on the IPCC site.

These are scientists, not web designers, so I guess they deserve some slack. Still, a very successful publicity campaign has the world coming to your site. You should really be more clear.

Speaking of publicity campaigns: if this was all for the SPM (they had the lights out on the Eiffel Tower among other stunts), what will they do for the real WG1 report?

Update -- They've since changed the website to indicate that the full report will be issued later.

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