Saturday, February 24, 2007

pre-AR4 public perceptions of climate change covered a talk at the recent AAAS meeting about public attitudes on climate change. This survey was done last year before the media barrage surrounding AR4. Lets hope things have changed because it doesn't look good.

Among the findings:
  • Less than 30% believe global warming is caused by humans
  • Only 32% are "very" or "extremely" sure about their views on climate change
  • 64% think there is disagreement amount scientists about the Earth warming.

That last one is a depressing result of the false balance reporting and the 4 or so proftitutes still willing to sell their souls to get their name in print.

The advice from study author Prof Jon Krosnik of Stanford is a frustrating mix. The public needs "more certainty" and to be shown that they have caused the problem. But we can't be too discouraging because the public won't face a problem that can't be fixed.

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