Sunday, September 28, 2008

McCain answers science debate questions

It's only fair to note that McCain's campaign has answered the science debate questions. You can view Obama's and McCain's answers side-by-side here.

I'll just echo what Bob Parks said:
Unable to arrange a face-to-face debate between Obama and McCain on science issues, the dedicated team at Science Debate 2008 asked for written responses to 14 questions. The 35 pages of staff-written responses they got back served only to make it clear why a face-to-face debate was needed – it would have had a time limit. I would wager the candidates didn’t even have time to read their responses. Maybe it should have been multiple-choice questions, or even true-false. We thank the organizers for seeing it through, but the answers didn’t "restore science and innovation to America’s political dialogue" as we all had hoped.

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