Monday, April 30, 2007

WGIII SPM out Friday; Full WGI report online.

All of you climate-media followers have probably already seen pre-coverage of the IPCC Working Group III Summary for Policymakers (SPM) which is due out this Friday. Recall that WGIII addresses mitigation: how to actually do something about greenhouse gas emissions.

The SPM's are just summaries. The full reports are starting to come on line. Thanks to RealClimate who pointed out that the full WGI report, about the science, is now online.

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inel said...

Hi Rob,

Would you be so kind as to look at another graphic I did to explain to middle school students the reason (and the care with which) they need to verify the source of their global warming materials? I know many students this year are being given school projects on global warming and are told they "have to include an internet search" for source materials, in addition to including materials from library visits (which are rather out of date!) and national newspapers (which are typically alarmist!)

In my own small way I am trying to offer an alternative visual the kids can remember. I was tempted to refer to the denialists being out of left field (which will be understood by kids in America) but British kids need a different analogy that I have not hit upon yet.